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Box Culverts    
Reinforced Concrete MEGA Box Culvert
Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert
Manholes and Inlets    
Typical 48" or 54" Diameter Manhole
Typical 60" or 72" Diameter Manhole
Microtunneling Pipe (Jacking)    
Jacking Pipe Joint Types
Reinforced Concrete Jacking Pipe 24"-144" Diameter
Non-Reinforced Concrete Pipe    
Non-Reinforced Concrete Pipe-ORing Joint 12"-36" Diameter
Non-Reinforced Concrete Pipe-Single Off-Set Joint 12"-30" Diameter
Non-Reinforced Concrete Pipe-Tongue & Groove Joint 12"-36" Diameter
Stormwater Treatment    
Stormceptor® Overview
STC450i Stormceptor®
STC900 Stormceptor®
STC1200 Stormceptor®
STC1800 Stormceptor®
STC2400 Stormceptor®
STC3600 Stormceptor®
STC4800 Stormceptor®
STC6000 Stormceptor®
STC7200 Stormceptor®
STC11000s Stormceptor®
STC13000s Stormceptor®
STC16000s Stormceptor®
Plan View (STC11000s, STC13000s, STC16000s)
Stormceptor® Disc - Disc Type Insert Detail
Stormceptor® Submerged Disc Detail
Reinforced Concrete Pipe    
Concrete Arch Pipe 15"-72" Equivalent Diameter
Concrete Elliptical Pipe 18"-144" Equivalent Diameter
Reinforced Concrete Pipe-ORing Joint 12"-96" Diameter
Reinforced Concrete Pipe with PVC Liner
Reinforced Concrete Pipe-Single Off-Set Joint 12"-72" Diameter
Reinforced Concrete Pipe w/Steel Ring Joint 30"-96" Diameter
Reinforced Concrete Pipe-Tongue & Groove Joint 12"-96" Diameter
Specialty Fittings and Accessories    
Reinforced Concrete Wye
Reinforced Concrete Tee Outlet
Reinforced Concrete Eccentric Reducer
Flared End Section 12"-72" Diameter Pipe
Reinforced Concrete Sloped End Sections
Reinforced Concrete Eccentric Manhole Tee
Reinforced Concrete Two & Three Piece Elbow Fabrication Details