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Products & Services

CAD Drawings

Rinker Materials provides experienced storm water, civil, and structural engineers to advise our customers on storm water products and services.

The links below give you a typical detail drawing of the various Stormceptor® systems and configurations. If you have any questions regarding special applications, contact us at 800-909-7763.

Product PDF CAD
Inlet STC
STC450i Stormceptor®
In-Line STC
STC900 Stormceptor®
STC1200 Stormceptor®
STC1800 Stormceptor®
STC2400 Stormceptor®
STC3600 Stormceptor®
STC4800 Stormceptor®
STC6000 Stormceptor®
STC7200 Stormceptor®
Series STC
STC11000s Stormceptor®
STC13000s Stormceptor®
STC16000s Stormceptor®
Plan View (STC11000s, STC13000s, STC16000s)


Pipe Box Culvert Mesa Verde