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Stormceptor® continually tests the effectiveness of the Stormceptor® System beyond the controlled laboratory environment. Extensive field testing and monitoring, along with computer modeling and independent federal and state verification programs, is an ongoing activity at Stormceptor®. Our relentless dedication to research and testing separates the Stormceptor® System from all other manufactured storm water quality devices.

TARP Tier I Summary: Technology Acceptance Reciprocity Partnership.
Stormceptor Has TARP Covered Technical Sheet

Seatac, Washington: These test results indicated a high level of removal of total suspended solids and total petroleum hydrocarbons.

Stormceptor® Verified by ETV in Canada: The Stormceptor® System was recently reviewed by the Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV) in Canada. The federal verification program verifies Stormceptor® is capable of removing 76 percent to 94 percent of TSS.

Coventry University: These full-scale oil removal tests removed over 97 percent of oil at peak flow.

STEP Report (Verification Program): The Six State Environmental Partnership verifies Stormceptor® performance.

Westwood Field Monitoring: Massachusetts field monitoring showed 93 percent of TSS removal.

NWRI Laboratory Testing: Laboratory tests for Stormceptor® oil and sediment removal were healthy.

Como Park Field Monitoring: Updated monitoring report was investigated for this Minnesota field test.

Wisconsin Field Monitoring: A comprehensive field test was performed in Wisconsin.

Edmonton Field Monitoring: Undersized Stormceptor® unit performs as predicted in this field test.


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