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Reinforced Concrete Round Pipe Reinforced Concrete Round Pipe

Circular Reinforced Concrete Pipe is the best choice for applications where water tightness is required. All circular pipe is produced to sanitary standards | Non-standard designs can be done for […]

Rinker Arch® Bridge Rinker Arch® Bridge

At Rinker Materials prefabricated arch bridge components are an affordable, fast and aesthetic way to handle installations where: Structural integrity is essential | Durability and long life are important | […]

Stormceptor EF/EFO Stormceptor EF/EFO

The Stormceptor EFO/EF is designed to protectwaterways from hazardous material spills &stormwater pollution. The Stormceptor EFO/EF effectively targets sediment (TSS), free oils, gross pollutants & other pollutants that attach toparticles, […]

Xstream Stormwater Storage (boxes) Xstream Stormwater Storage (boxes)

Xstream Retention System gives the design engineer a fast, easy, accurate and trusted method for designing and estimating precast concrete box detention and retention systems utilizing conventional OPSS 1821 box […]

Jacking/Microtunneling Pipe Jacking/Microtunneling Pipe

As most municipalities have grown over the years, tunneling new utilities or tunneling to upgrading utilities have become common when you need to bury your utilities deeper or you require […]

Reinforced Concrete Non-Cylinder Pipe (AWWA C302) francais Reinforced Concrete Non-Cylinder Pipe (AWWA C302) francais

Introduite au début des années 1900, la conduite non cylindrique en béton renforcé convient pour les pressions de fonctionnement jusqu’à 380 kPa (55 psi). La conduite non cylindrique en béton […]

Jellyfish Jellyfish

The Jellyfish Filter is a stormwater quality treatment technology featuring high surface area & high flow rate membrane filtration, at a low driving head. Treatment with light-weight membrane filtration removes […]

Filterra Filterra

FILTERRA BIOFILTRATION (available throughout Ontario) Filterra is similar to bioretention in its function and application, but has been optimized for high volume/flow treatment and high pollutant removal. Its small footprint […]

Precast Circular or Rectangular Storm and Sanitary Maintenance Holes Precast Circular or Rectangular Storm and Sanitary Maintenance Holes

Precast Circular Maintenance Holes are used in: Sanitary sewer and storm drain systems for access, observation and junctions Pump stations, wet wells, stormwater management structures and overflow structures. Precast Circular […]

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