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Rapid City, SD

Reinforced Concrete Round Pipe Reinforced Concrete Round Pipe

Reinforced Concrete Pipe is the most readily available and most cost-efficient of the concrete pipe shapes available.

Bridge Girders Bridge Girders

Precast / Prestressed Concrete is the material of choice for bridge and commercial structures. This is due to the fact that this type of structure has proven itself to be […]

Jacking/Microtunneling Pipe & Box Jacking/Microtunneling Pipe & Box

As most municipalities have grown over the years, tunneling new utilities or tunneling to upgrading utilities have become common when you need to bury your utilities deeper or you require […]

Precast Headwalls and Wingwalls Precast Headwalls and Wingwalls

Headwalls and Wingwalls are produced to finish and secure the ends of pipe, box culverts and bridge sections. They are designed to function together with the conduit to provide a […]

Precast Inlets and Catch Basins Precast Inlets and Catch Basins

Precast Inlets and Catch Basins include Curb Inlets, Drop Inlets and Catch Basins. They are intended to collect surface runoff from roadways, parking lots and other surfaces and deliver it […]

Precast Modular Bridge Systems Precast Modular Bridge Systems

Rinker Materials has a full line of Precast Modular Bridge Systems that allow you to cost-effectively build new bridges in a fraction of the time that traditional techniques require. Precast […]

Precast Pipe/Box End Sections Precast Pipe/Box End Sections

End sections help control the hydraulic requirements for the inlets and outlets. They also provide a way to terminate stormwater drain inlets and outlets. They help prevent erosion by diverting […]

Precast Sanitary Manholes Precast Sanitary Manholes

Precast Manholes are used in sanitary sewer systems for access, observation and junctions. All manholes and vertical structures can be provided for highway, railroad or aviation loading.

Precast Specialty Structures Precast Specialty Structures

Precast Junction Boxes are used to provide service access and to achieve changes in pipe size, type or direction. They’re also useful for changes in elevation or merging two or […]

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