Concrete Supports a Bountiful Harvest

Rinker Materials’ Concrete Arched Pipe Replaces Timber Culvert in Agricultural Community

Edgerton, MN
Pipestone County, MN
Nicholas Bergman, Pipestone County
R&G Construction

The Challenge

With approximately 80% of its total acreage devoted to farmland, adequate infrastructure to support Pipestone County Minnesota’s agriculture industry is essential. This point is emphasized when realizing that 97% of the farms in the county are family owned, and these families are dependent on infrastructure providing access for the equipment used on the farm and for their distribution partners. When a local road in this rural county was due for an overlay, it was recognized that the original cast-in-place box culverts, which had been widened with timber, were deficient and were experiencing joint separation, county officials made the decision to identify a longer-term solution.

Replacement solutions considered included a bridge, round pipe, corrugated metal pipe (CMP) and standard box culverts. In addition to cost and load capacity (e.g., 46,000-pound combines or 80,000-pound class 8 trucks), durability, and lifespan were also important considerations – making concrete the obvious choice. While concrete may have been an easy choice, other aspects of the project would not be as simple.

This project had tight deadlines to meet and could have been further challenged because of the time intensive production methods required for such massive products.

The Solution

The use of reinforced concrete arch pipe (RCP-A) provided the long-term solution required due to the proven combination of concrete durability (Rinker’s class II-A 169” span RCP-A has a design capacity of over 14,000 pounds per foot, without support from surrounding soils) and cost (especially when compared to a bridge solution). Round pipe would have been too small for this location and CMP would not have met lifespan requirements.

To meet a short deadline, Rinker accelerated the manufacturing process and reduced number of deliveries time by 25% through investing in modifications to the formwork. Combined, these changes allowed Rinker to meet the contractor’s timeline.

The Rinker Advantage

Rinker Materials is solution-oriented to achieve customer objectives in product quality and on-time delivery. Because of Rinker’s broad product line, the company could have supplied most of the solutions considered, including the chosen solution of RCP-A. Our decades of industry experience means we think inside and outside the box to find answers to difficult or unique customer needs. Finally, the durability and quality of our products can withstand the heaviest of pressures – including the weight of 80,000-pound semi-trucks.

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