Pikes Peak Avenue Reaches New Heights with Rinker Materials

New Stormwater Management System Highlights $17 Million Reconstruction

Colorado Springs, CO
City of Colorado Springs
Wildcat Construction

The Challenge

With portions of Pikes Peak Avenue 60-80 years old, the popular east-west transportation corridor in downtown Colorado Springs needed a $17 million rehabilitation.

The Solution

Funded by Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority, the comprehensive four-phased project improved travel and public safety along a 1.3-mile stretch of Pikes Peak Avenue between Shooks Run Trail and Printers Parkway. The existing roadway, sidewalks, curbs, pedestrian ramps, and the aging utility infrastructure was replaced to include a new stormwater management system composed of concrete pipe (RCP) from Rinker Materials.

RCP ranging in diameter from 42” to 84” was installed by Wildcat Construction based on plans and oversight from engineering consultant AECOM. The unique stormwater management system was designed with energy dissipater’s supported by customized RCP with high-strength concrete to withstand high velocity flows up to 40 fps. Completed in the fall of 2019, the new stormwater management system, which features 72” RCP was the predominate size material in the new stormwater management system.

“This project gave us the opportunity to showcase our ability to supply significant footage of large diameter pipe in multiple different sizes. We were also able to demonstrate our ability to provide solutions to challenging design problems like high flow velocity which could create long term scour and erosion problems,” said Rinker Materials Sales & Marketing Manager.


Provided solutions to potential problems like high flow velocity which could lead to long-term scour and erosion problems.

“Designers have to be mindful of the fact that even if the concrete pipe can handle high velocities, the open channel at the outlet may be more sensitive to high velocity storm water flow.” Per Rinker Materials

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